B Corp & Patagonia Ambassador Dan Ross

The B Corp Ambassadors

I’m a huge fan of B Corps  and not just because I work for one (shout out to FlipGive!). The Certified B Corp movement is redefining success in business all over the world, I’ll let Big Dan explain in the video. I’m also a huge fan of Patagonia, a Certified B Corp, and of the surfing and worldview of Patagonia Ambassador, Dan Ross. Enjoy.

Video and Interview from “The Blog – Voice of the B Corp Community

Q: Where are you from?
A: Angourie, Australia

Q: When do you think you first developed a love for the planet? 
A: At a young age I was introduced to the ocean through fishing, diving and surfing. I think my love for the planet subconsciously started back then and grew with each experience. It was the same for the love that grew between myself and close friends I’ve met and continue to meet along the way.

Q: Has the sport of surfing shared this passion for the environment?
A: The most influential change in our sport was the Rip Curl Pro Search WT Event in San Francisco. With the bulk of its electricity needs met by off-grid generators powered by recycled cooking oil, and other sustainable initiatives around the event. It was the most climate-friendly surfing competition ever staged. I’m sure the ASP’s new management direction and structure will see that this is a priority around its World Tour events.  These events showcase the ocean to millions of viewers worldwide so it’s a powerful platform to promote change.

Q: Other than the B Corps, what other organizations are you supporting?
A: 1% for the Planet1Bottleforlife (1B4L), Sustainable Surf.

Q: What’s your call to action to fellow surfers?
A: It’s amazing to watch the progress of the sport in respect to what you are doing out in the water.  You have a powerful platform to voice how much you love your playground and how we can look after it

Q: If you could share a chairlift or a wave with anyone, who would you invite? 
A: I’d share a chairlift with my nephews Jaspur and Taiig because they love the snow and I love their energy.  And I’d share a wave with Wayne Lynch.

Q: Who are some of your favorites in the B Corp family?
A: Patagonia and Nutiva

Q: What does B the Change mean to you?
A: Simply as it says – using business as a force for good, and seeing the opportunities within that space.  I have learned so much from the people and companies that I have aligned with around the B Corp movement.