A Greener Campbell Brothers (Inspired) Bonzer? Yes, please.

Great to see our island continent friends in the southern hemisphere bringing greener boards to their beautiful waves. While hemp as a fiberglass replacement* has been around for awhile, I think Chad Jackson from the Central Coast of California (hempsurfboards.com) started the movement, more board builders world-wide continuing to develop and market the product is a good thing. Check the vid for some stylish lines on a Campbell Brothers design with hemp, a more flexible, durable and greener alternative to fiberglass. Turn it up, highly danceable tunes! Originally posted on The BOMB Surf

Are you interested in greener boards? Make sure to check out the ECOBOARD project by Sustainable Surf to learn “What is an ECOBOARD?” and where to find shapers and glassers. To be in the know and on the forefront of greener board building practices, check out the mad scientists at ETech Surfboards and Glassing, the world’s first and only green surfboard factory. *All things considered the footprint of fiberglass is not as large as compared to the footprint of a surfboards foam core (blank) and resin. It would be interesting to see if this board was built with a recycled EPS or bio foam and a bio epoxy resin.