Introducing Sustainable Surf’s STRINGER SOCIETY

If you aren’t hip to what Sustainable Surf has been up to over the last 3 years you have to check ’em out. From their award winning Waste to Waves program (recycled EPS foam), to the ECOBOARD project (the first and only accredited certification for greener surfboards), to Deep Blue Surfing (greening surfing events across the globe), and now Deep Blue Life (a comprehensive strategy for surfers and non-surfers alike to reduce our personal impact on the oceans and planet), Sustainable Surf has done more, with less, than is imaginable. Full disclosure, I serve on Sustainable Surf’s Board, as such I have first hand knowledge on what it takes to bring these programs to life. It’s a tremendous undertaking that to this point has been tackled, on all of our behalf, on a razor thin budget by 2, yes, 2! hombres (Co-founders Michael Stewart and Kevin Whilden).

In order to firm their financial footing and to create something really damn cool, Sustainable Surf has introduced the STRINGER SOCIETY, “a surf club for the next 100 years”. Have a look…..


Our big annual SUMMER FUNDRAISER party is…well, looking more like the beginning of a new kind of Surf Club. ??? Let me explain…

First some background – so it’s that same time of the year again when we usually pull out all the stops to throw an amazing party (like our “SeaChange” party at Malibu last summer) which most importantly – generates a big chunk of our operating budget for the rest of the year.

But this summer has been so packed with running our programs, creating special events and presenting our ideas at conferences (aka “mission” critical work), that we have decided to reach out to our community in a brand new way to support our organization’s work – introducing the ‘Stringer Society’ : a surf club for the next 100 years… Click the 1907 image of George Freeth (Patron Saint of the Stringer Society) for all the info.

We’ve decided to bet the Fall harvest on this one folks – so if you’re able, we hope you’ll be inspired to “join the club” as a founding member of the new Stringer Society.

If joining the Stringer Society is not quite the fit for you, then please pass the word on to your wider network, and consider joining our team as a “CREW” member. See the link below in comments for more info.

And thanks again to everybody for your continued support (moral, financial and otherwise) as it really does keep us going!

Stringer Society