Microbeads FACE to FISH with 5 Gyres

Our oceans need our help and 5 Gyres is giving us all a way to easily do our part. If you don’t know about the massive, thru micro, issue of plastic microbeads polluting the worlds waterways you can read more here and watch the video below. Succinctly, these tiny beads in face scrubs, toothpaste and other personal care products are poisning are water and, hence, us. For scale it’s estimated that New York flushers 19 TONS of microbeads down the drain annually, California is double that! What can you do to help #BantheBead? 1. Refuse¬†products with microbeads. 2. Share the 5 Gyres Petition to ban said products. 3. Post the Infographic below on your social sites and tag your elected officials. 3. Email you state and federal official’s – find address here, with the subject “Stop Plastic Microbeads from Polluting our Precious Waterways”.