Modom – Driven by…passion for surfing and modern (sustainable) thinking


Modom is a new-ish accessory brand out of Torquay, Australia with an enviable roster of athletes: Jack Freestone, Alana Blanchard, Craig Anderson, Noah Beschen, Kalani David and Mark Mathews. There are many “eco” pads available, even eco-leashes and boardbags (and wax) from the likes of Wave Tribe, but it’s always good to see a brand being built with sustainability in mind, from the packaging, to the product to the POP.

Taken from Shop-Eat-Surf – “Modom co-founder on expansion plans and brand strategy

I also asked Jack how Modom plans to stand out in a crowded category. He said the brand’s motto, “Driven by our passion for surfing and modern thinking,” carries over into the product and packaging which helps set the brand apart.

Being environmentally responsible is a big initiative for Modom. Rather than wrapping in plastic, Modom displays traction pads in recyclable cardboard boxes, which also makes the brand pop out on the racks.

“We print a lot of POP on bamboo and wood or using recycled timbers in our displays rather than making a ton of posters,” Jack added.

For product, designs are athlete-driven, but the brand often uses loud colors on items like leashes, to make a statement on the sales floor.

Jack said Modom is also working on a new traction material that’s eco friendly.

“We are hoping to be able to make an eco-friendlier leash as well,” said Jack. “And once we land the right recipe, we’ll happily share it and encourage other brands to use it. We just want the technology to get out there.”

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