Kustom Footwear X Sea Shepherd: the Defend. Conserve. Protect. collection

– Originally posted on StabMag – 

Sea Shepherd is badass. There’s a little bit of revolution in all of us, and especially when it comes to our playground, aka the ocean. The sea belongs to wildlife and we’re all just partying in there and no matter what your thoughts on sharks, you can’t have anything against dolphins or whales or really, anything that Sea Shepherd is dedicated to protecting. The Shep started small, launched by Captain Paul Watson and now it’s a worldwide organisation on that preservation of bio-diversity tip. Their game is direct action – like, pushing up on whaling ships and those kind of situations, way more wild than it sounds. It’s the Water World version of tear gas and batons in the streets. And like any cause that ain’t easy, they always need help.

Kustom dig on the youthful energy of modern surf culture and can back anyone who defends the ocean. And they’re doing so through their most recent collaboration with Sea Shepherd. It’s called the Defend. Conserve. Protect. collection, and features co-branded Kustom sneakers, open footwear and tees. All organic canvas constructions, recycled rubbers, organic cottons and eco-friendly glues, as you might expect.

A portion of every sale is donated to Sea Shepherd so they can keep on looking after the place you enjoy every day. Perhaps you’ll dig…