Victoria, B.C. Surf Brand, Sitka, Launches Non-Profit: Sitka Society for Conservation

– Originally posted on Surfers Village – 

Sitka announces the launch of the Sitka Society for Conservation (SSC). The SSC is a registered non-profit organization that allows Sitka to directly fund practical environmental initiatives. A portion of every Sitka sale goes to support the work of the SSC, or people can donate directly to a partner campaign of their choice.

Sitka’s vision is a world in balance. That sounds like a grand aspiration, and it is. They’ve always been committed to taking care of the planet, and now they’re excited to bring a new model to environmental action. The mission of the SSC is to conserve lands and waters and ensure the sustainability of our communities. As Sitka move closer to fulfilling their mission, they keep a wide spectrum of beneficiaries in mind: our families, our communities and the wider world. But perhaps most of all, the beneficiaries are those who can’t speak for themselves – the wild beings that inhabit the lands, waters and air, and the fragile natural systems we all depend on for survival.

The SSC has partnered with three organizations for their launch. The SSC is supporting Pacific Wild in achieving a fundraising goal of $60,000 to enhance their marine hydrophone network and build a case to designate a portion of the Great Bear Sea as a marine acoustic sanctuary, a protected area in which harmful acoustic pollution from day to day super-tanker traffic would be banned.

They are also working with in reaching their fundraising goal of $50,000 to support the Vote Together campaign. This campaign seeks to work strategically in swing ridings across the country to ensure that Stephen Harper is not re-elected in the next federal election and that our next government will build a stronger democracy, fair economy and a clean environment for the benefit of all Canadians.

Finally, they are working with the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition to raise $50,000 to build two cabins in strategic wilderness locations in the Skeena Watershed that will help to strengthen First Nations’ culture, demonstrate use and occupancy of their traditional territories, and assertion of Aboriginal rights, which in turn can prevent unsustainable industrial resource development proposals.