Plastic found inside dead sperm whales involved in mass stranding


In January and February, a strange mass stranding occurred in coasts surrounding the North Sea.

Nearly 30 sperm whales washed up on European coastlines.

After spending weeks doing autopsies on 13 sperm whales that washed up in Germany, veterinarian experts determined the whales died of cardiac failure caused from being in shallow water.

The scientists also found evidence of human interaction in the form of plastic.

A plastic piece of car was found in the stomach of one whale and a 43-foot-long fishing net was found in another.

Pieces of plastic buckets were also found.

The whales were otherwise healthy and experts don’t believe the plastic caused their demise.

Instead, they believe a storm shifted the whales’ food source, causing them to wind up in much shallower waters, according to German newspaper SHZ.

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