Waves for Water deploys to Ecuador earthquake site


A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Ecuador Saturday evening, followed by multiple aftershocks. Today, a 4.9 magnitude quake hit the already ravaged area and the unofficial death toll hovers around 413.

It’s disasters like these that spring ex-pro surfer Jon Rose into action.

His nonprofit Waves for Water is on its way to delivering water filters to people in Ecuador currently cut off from running water and electricity.

Water filters are more effective than plastic water bottles because they provide a long term solution while mitigating the environmental impact of single-use plastic.

Highly populated areas are especially in need of fresh water to limit the spread of disease.

“Placing the filter systems in higher concentrated populations such as these, we are able to maximize our impact,” Rose wrote in a blog post.

Waves for Water plans to provide immediate relief before building a network of project leaders who can take their knowledge from this disaster and help neighboring areas in future calamities.

“I really believe that this strategy and type of growth is one of the major keys to a successful international development program – people in a certain region who have gone through the program themselves, taking all of their knowledge and expertise, and paying it forward to neighboring countries in need,” he wrote.

Ecuador lies within the Ring of Fire, a horseshoe-shaped area in the Pacific Ocean with highly active tectonic plates.

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