Spring/Summer Gear Guide: Patagonia R1 Long Jane


Patagonia’s R1 Long Jane provides a snug fit and easy movement. Photo: Courtesy of PatagoniaIt’s not easy to find a ladies’ long john, at least not one that’s worth its weight in neoprene. While there are a few brands out there with respectable designs, we were happy to see the ever-eco-conscious Patagonia recently release its first-ever ladies’ long john: The R1 Long Jane.

An alternative for women looking to mitigate their wetsuit-footprint, the 1.5mm suit is lined with 100 percent recycled polyester created from soda bottles, unusable manufacturing waste and other worn-out garments. Patagonia totes it as the ideal choice for “lightweight warmth and performance for those classic, gold-lit California nights,” which, incidentally, were exactly the conditions in which we tested the R1 Long Jane.

The water couldn’t have been more than 61 degrees Farenheit, and the suit stayed warm and comfortable. The scooped arms and racerback design allowed for plenty of arm mobility, a welcome and refreshing freedom after a winter of 4/3mm restriction.

For the cross-steppers among you, the high-stretch polyester allows for quick and easy movement. While the suit fits true to size, the stretch gives you a bit of leeway if you order a size too small, and allows for easy access when slipping on the zipperless suit. We enjoyed the sophisticated and understated monochrome R1 Long Jane.

patagonia long jane

Photo: Courtesy of Patagonia

The flatlock seams meant zero rashes even on the first wear, and the subtle stitching throughout the suit gives a flattering, catsuit-sleek look for any woman.

We tested the all-black version, and while Patagonia does offer a more flamboyant “Howling Turquoise” colorway (their name, not ours), we enjoyed the sophisticated and understated monochrome Long Jane. We highly recommend the R1 for all those surf sisters looking to kiss their sleeves goodbye for the season.

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