World’s first ‘Regional’ surfing reserve declared in South Oz


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This award-winning program of inclusion will become the norm in years to come

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 April, 2016 – First came National, then World Surfing Reserves, and finally there is now the world’s first ‘Regional’ Surfing Reserve, declared on May 1 in South Australia. It will be known as the Mid Coast Surfing Reserve, or as the locals like to call it – Nature’s gift to Adelaide’s surfing community – the ‘Magic Mid’.

This stunning coastline is the traditional land of the Kaurna people, which has a variety of reefs and beaches, red ochre cliffs and pristine waves stretching from Moana to Christies Beach. Since the 1920’s this unique surfing environment has served Adelaide’s surfing community.

Objectives of the Mid Coast Surfing Reserve focus on: Celebrating surfing heritage and culture, ensuring a safe aquatic and beach environment, protecting the environment, and supporting Council’s Coastal Park initiatives.

The first RSR was approved by the Board of National Surfing Reserves in 2015, chaired by Prof. Andy Short.  Regional Surfing Reserves aim to recognise and include in the Surfing Reserves global list, any significant surfing site which may not meet the high criteria set for either National or World Surfing Reserve status.

Many surfing communities are seeking recognition and protection and this award-winning program of inclusion will become the norm in years to come around the surfing world.