Koa Rothman and Koa Smith Surf Mex with Linkin Park and Join the Fight to Save Magdalena Bay’s Mangroves


Nature can blow your mind in the most odd ways sometimes. Take the coastal desert mangroves in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula for example. The amphibious plants take up just 1% of the northwest region of Mexico. Yet they store 28% of the region’s underground carbon. On a bigger scale, they sequester more carbon than any other plant species on the planet. Along with a laundry list of other functions the mangrove actually does a lot to keep the region’s coastal ecosystem in balance.

This is why their destruction in this part of the world could have catastrophic effects. So Koa Smith and Koa Rothman recently went on a mission with Linkin Park to not only learn about the functions of these plants, but also learn about their preservation. It’s pretty fascinating to see how big of an impact one species of trees can have on a larger environment.