joão teixeira progresses sustainable surf design with amorim cork

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surfers the world over possess a deep connection to the ocean. athletes at all levels of the sport strive to preserve their stomping grounds, be it local or otherwise. but efforts typically ignore one of the primary offenders: the board itself. conventional materials are toxic; including polyurethane (especially the dust produced while shaping), fiberglass, and epoxy resin. portuguese designer joão teixeira, in collaboration with amorim cork, decided to approach surf design ecologically as possible.

joão teixeira sustainable surfboard amorim cork
sustainable surfboard

teixeira’s process draws from the principle that innovation is understood and interpreted by using traditional materials in untested, productive fields of application. a cultural, economic, and social driver, cork seemed to be the optimal material. following thorough development and material explorations, a surfboard of expanded cork and flax fiber with wooden fins was realized. the sustainable board, designed by joão teixeira, was developed in partnership with portuguese company amorim cork.

looking closely, one can see the slight textural quality of flax fiber

joão teixeira sustainable surfboard amorim cork
thickness and upward curve

leash plug detail

joão teixeira sustainable surfboard amorim cork
board top

heading out for the first ride