Adidas releases limited run of shoes made from recovered ocean plastic


Last year Adidas teamed up with Parley for the Oceans to start work on the world’s first shoe created from plastic recovered from the ocean. They released the prototype last summer and earlier this week on World Oceans Day they announced the first run of the Adidas x Parley trainers.

Created from plastic waste collected across the Maldives along with illegal gillnets recovered by Sea Shepherd Global during their Operation Icefish, the Adidas x Parley trainer is apparently up to the comfort standards of Adidas’s entire line of sneakers. The bottom part of the shoe is Adidas’s foam boost sole and represents the only part of the sneaker that is not made from recycled plastic.

Offering the initial 50 pairs via an Instagram giveaway, this is merely a first step for the collaboration as they hope to scale the project up in the near future. Check out the giveaway below. You have till July 31 to submit your video entry.

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