Can you create a better world through surfing? ISA says ‘yes’

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ISA program helps underprivelaged surfers around the globe

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 June, 2016 – In 2007, the International Surfing Association (ISA) launched a unique, global Scholarship Program that offers financial assistance to young, aspiring surfers from around the world as a way to further their education while encouraging and building their surfing careers.

Surfing is a sport, but it’s also but it’s also a means for education and social development.

There have been many success stories as a result of the initiative including 15-year-old Sakunthala Hanumanthapa from India who was an ISA Scholarship recipient in 2014. Due to the extreme poverty they were facing in their hometown in the Karnataka region of the country, Sakunthala’s family relocated to Kovalam in Kerala when she was very young.

Unable to attend school on a regular basis due to language barriers, Sakunthala defied the social norms and became the only female surfer to join the Kovalam Surf Club where she became a role model for other girls who she encouraged to join the club. She continued to surf recreationally after receiving the ISA Scholarship.

Another success story is Ntando Msibi, a South African orphan who used his ISA Scholarship to help him qualify for South Africa’s National Junior Surfing Team. In 2015 Ntando traveled to California to compete in the 2015 ISA World Junior Surfing Championship, where he shined and competed against the best junior surfers in the world.

A condition for consideration of the scholarships is a demonstrated commitment to academic excellence together with a passion and dedication to surfing.

To date, the ISA has awarded more than USD $228,500 in scholarships to further the education and surfing careers of 267 surfers from over 40 countries.  Thanks in part to the ISA funding, many scholarship winners have gone on to compete at national and international Surfing competitions.

100% of your donations will go directly to the recipients.

In addition to the ISA’s proven commitment to further and grow this program, we are offering you the opportunity to donate to this important program in order to continually expand and broaden its reach.

With 99 Member Federations around the world, the ISA has been continually developing Surfing and SUP globally through specific coaching and education programs. The ISA is the world governing body for Surfing and StandUp Paddle (SUP) recognized by the International Olympic Committee.