See how a kid created an alaia surfboard made out of cardboard

Kieren Giffen builds surfboards in a shed in his backyard with his dad. Only 20-years-old, Giffen is already thinking well outside of the box in terms of different types of materials for surf crafts. He recently built an alaia out of cardboard he got from his neighbor.

Alaias are the ancient Hawaiian planks that were some of the first versions of surfboards. Typically made from wood, Giffen uses different layers of the cardboard glued together in cross-hatches. He also add a redwood parabolic stringer to add strength and help prevent the cardboard from flexing.

Finishing it up with a single layer of volan glass to each side of the alaia, it’s a fairly simple build. Giffen then takes it out for a ride and proves that it works pretty similar to any wooden alaia.

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