From the Mind of JJF – Introducing the (recycled poly) JJF 3 Nebula Boardshorts

The surf world’s hero, Double John, along with Hurley have just released his latest signature boardshort model, the JJF 3 Nebula. Below is both the inspiration for these spacey looking boardies along with details on the space age tech that we’ve come to expect from the minds of Hurley and the Nike Lab. What’s great to see, and why these “pretty sick” trunks are being showcased on TGB, is that Hurley has been able to utilize recycled polyester as the featured fabric (86%) while exceeding performance standards. When the best surfer on the planet puts his name, literally, on ‘greener’ gear you know the time is NOW for products that are better for you and the planet.

Hurley Introduces Its Latest Signature Boardshort from the Mind of John John Florence

His surfing talent is indisputable. Eddie winner. Two-time Triple Crown winner. 2016 World Surf League World Champion. Whether the surf is two-foot or twenty, John John redefines what’s possible and Hurley is committed to joining him every step of the way.

Used to describe astronomical objects and galaxies outside of the Milky Way, a Nebula is an interstellar cloud of ionized gases, the very pillars of planetary creation. Mysterious and distant, Nebulae have been a source of wonder and inspiration for John John throughout his life. Captured by Hurley in JJF 3’s signature boardshort, interpreting John’s style and influence in a way no one else can.

Combining futuristic function and otherworldly durability. The JJF 3 Phantom Boardshorts are built with laserscopic precision and state of the art materials to keep up with JJF’s enigmatic abilities in the ocean. Informed by John John Florence from start to finish, the Hurley Phantom JJF 3 Boardshorts advanced innovation and aesthetic offer a window into JJF’s restless mind. They are a direct extension of John’s brilliance in the ocean and as authentic and original as he is out of the water.

“They need to hold up in every condition,” Florence explains. “Eight hours a day, all winter long.” To do this, Hurley utilized a new Phantom durable stretch material. It’s a heavier fabric with more stretch that provides strength without sacrificing performance in powerful ocean conditions. The 20” length of the boardshort lands just below the knees, providing extra coverage and protection.

John John wanted his Hurley Phantom JJF 3 Boardshorts to make him feel locked down, without feeling locked up. Hurley incorporated futuristic laser cutting techniques in the Nebula to reduce bulk and increase mobility. The Hurley Phantom JJF 3 Boardshorts Hyperfuse Waistband and closure system provide a locked-down fit in the heaviest ocean conditions.

Constantly setting his sights upward and outward towards the stars, John John is a dreamer and a doer. Made for the unknown, Hurley Phantom JJF 3 Boardshorts help John dream. “If there’s water on other planets,” Florence asks, “wouldn’t that mean there’s waves?”


The Hurley Phantom JJF 3 Nebula Elite Men’s 20″ Boardshorts feature a revolutionary Hyperfuse waistband for minimal distractions and a locked-down fit. Their length offers added protection in heavy conditions. The space-inspired ‘Nebula’ print comes from the mind of 2016 World Surf League Champion, John John Florence.


A Hyperfuse waistband features a single-piece construction of stretch fabric with fused interior reinforcement for stability and lockdown in the water.


An incorporated closure system is laser-cut from the waistband for reduced bulk and maximum comfort.


Lightweight Phantom 60% fabric lets you move freely and comfortably in the water.


  • 20″ length for added protection in any conditions
  • Side-zip welded pocket offers secure storage
  • Fabric: 86% recycled polyester/14% spandex
  • Hand wash
  • Imported

John John Florence Nebula Boardshorts