Sewage-Awareness Surf Contest Cancelled Due to Sewage Spill… TWICE

It all has to go somewhere, right? Maybe somewhere else, though. And maybe LESS of it.

The Inertia

Back at the beginning of November, Surfrider San Diego and Surfrider Baja partnered up to create an interesting event. Called Surf the Border, it aimed to “raise awareness about issues impacting our oceans, waves, and beaches in the border region and help inspire local surfers on both sides of the border to protect the quality of our ocean.” The contest consisted of two simultaneous events on both sides of the border. In an ironic twist, it was rescheduled because of high waves and a sewage spill. Now the rescheduled event has been canceled again for the same reason.

“Due to a beach hazard alert for Imperial Beach, a sewage spill still flooding Monument Road, and another big swell, the Surfrider Foundation of San Diego No Border Sewage Committee (NoBS) has decided to cancel the Surf the Border Surf Contest,” Surfrider SD explained on Facebook. “We would like to try organizing this event next year when conditions are more favorable. Again, we apologize for any inconveniences due to this last minute decision.”

Although the contest didn’t end up running, the double cancellations did accomplish the end goal: to raise awareness about the issues that affect our ocean.

“Unfortunately, sewage spills are common in the Tijuana River Valley, subsequently threatening ocean water quality, estuary ecosystems, and human health,” Surfrider wrote. “It is the mission of Surfrider’s NoBS Committee to address and eliminate the sewage, trash, sediment and chemical waste that plagues our ocean, waves, and beaches in the border region. The sewage flow currently flooding Monument Road is part of a long list of incidents that exemplify the urgency of pollution related issues in the Tijuana River Valley.”

Here’s a video that shows exactly why Surfrider is trying to draw attention to the area… and it’s disgusting.