United By Blue’s ‘Blue Friday’ is an eco-friendly alternative to Black Friday

 In the last few years, many companies have tried to switch the focus of what has come to be the consumption-focused “tradition” of Black Friday, asking consumers to stay away from the stores, get outside and have meaningful interactions with our fellow humans.

This year, United By Blue is picking up on the trend, offering ‘Blue Friday,’ where they are encouraging consumers to spend the morning picking up trash and cleaning up our natural resources.

According to their website, United By Blue is opening their retail stores later on Black Friday – 11 a.m., to be exact – so that they can spend the morning making a difference for the environment, picking up litter that clogs our waterways and parks.

Blue Friday is set to be a nationwide, DIY event that helps clean our natural resources. Anyone can participate — all you need is an empty trash bag, a pair of gloves and an area you know needs some extra attention.

As a company rule, United By Blue participates in regular cleanups. The company has promised that for every article of clothing sold, their volunteers and employees will pick up a pound of trash in places like parks, waterways and trails (any outdoor space is eligible for their efforts).

This is the inaugural Blue Friday, but United By Blue hopes to hold future events aimed at getting outdoors and making a difference.

Find out more about this year’s event, and how you can help with future events.

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