3 Ways Surfers Can Positively Impact the Ocean

According to some estimates, plastics may outnumber fish in our oceans by 2050. Continued production and use of plastic bags certainly isn’t helping. Photo: Surfrider

The Inertia

It seems like everyone except the President of the United States recognizes our climate and environment are in a critical state. But even if the environment isn’t a priority for the new “leader of the free world,” it should be a priority for the surf community and beach lovers alike.

Thanks to the efforts of grassroots organizations like the Surfrider Foundation and individual activism from surfers like Kyle Thiermann, awareness for ocean conservation within the surfing community is at an epic high. Kelly Slater recently announced that proceeds from Outerknown’s sales will be donated to the Ocean Conservancy and Rob Machado has committed to helping transform how surfboards are made by producing boards from sustainable and non-toxic materials.

But even though the pros and non-profits are making waves in ocean conservation, they can’t be relied on to do all the heavy lifting. And we especially can’t leave the fate of the ocean to the politicians (although politics do play big role in conservation). I use the word we because we are all in this fight together. Every surfer and beach lover can take small steps that aid in protecting the surf and lifestyle we love. Here are three things every surfer can do to positively impact the fate of our ocean.

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