Meet The Japanese Artist Who Does Something Magical With Driftwood

Photo: Nagato Iwasaki

Nature? Brilliant. Art? Brilliant. That’s right, here at Mpora Towers, we’re a proper set of art loving, at-one-with-nature being sandal wearers, and make no apology for it. Although the sandals are not literal, you understand.

So, imagine our excitement when we saw these incredible sculptures by Japanese artist Nagato Iwasaki that not only combined the two elements, but also threw in a good handful of Groot from Guardians Of The Galaxy (a film our former Art Director loved so much, he watched it twice in a row while consuming commercially available craft ale).

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The enigmatic artist creates the sculptures from driftwood he finds, shaping them into humanoid figures that are both mesmeric, but also kind of creepy.

For more on these, and Iwasaki’s other work, check out his website.

Photo: Nagato Iwasaki