Beach closed over threat of exploding whales

One of New Zealand’s largest whale strandings in history has created a disgusting threat to beachgoers and volunteers on Farewell Spit nature reserve in Golden Bay: exploding whales.

More than 600 and possibly as many as 700 pilot whales became stranded on the beach at the northern tip of the South Island the past three days.

In the aftermath of rescue efforts, some successful, the beach was littered with hundreds of ticking time bombs in the form of whale carcasses, as reported by Reuters.

As a result, the Department of Conservation closed the beach, saying in a statement, “The area is currently closed to the public because of the risk from whales exploding.”

“These things explode from the stomach and if you’re standing right there it’s not very nice getting a ‘gut bomb’ on your face,” DOC operations manager Mike Ogle told Fairfax Media.